Captain Thomas Weaver (Retired 09/2007) implemented the Cell Dog program after watching a television show about dog programs with inmates. A few months later six dogs entered the program on October 4, 2004. Since then we have trained and found over 600 dogs forever homes.

In 2018 Deputies Dunn and Hawkins attended Animal Behavior College and obtained their Dog training certifications. Both Deputies Dunn and Hawkins provide training to the inmates involved in the program and oversee the daily operations within the program.

The dog training program teaches inmates how to train dogs in basic obedience through a 10-week course. Upon graduation, the dogs are highly adoptable and possess obedience skills such as Crate trained, House trained, Loose leash walking, Sit, lay down, Stay, come when called and heel.  Not only does the Cell Dog Program give a second chance to these second chance animals, it also provides job skills to inmates in the areas of dog training, dog grooming and veterinary assistant skills.