Dogs in custody Cape Coral Animal Shelter

All Cell dogs are second chance animals from Gulf Coast Humane Society and The Cape Coral Animal Shelter. Our dog’s go through a 10-week basic obedience course where they learn the following:

  • Crate trained
  • House trained
  • Loose leash walking
  • Sit
  • Lay down
  • Stay
  • Come when called
  • Heel
  • Leave it

Our dogs are all trained by Lee County inmates under close supervision of our two certified dog trainers.

Anyone interested in adopting or arranging a meet and greet for a Cell dog from Cape Coral Animal Shelter may call 239-573-2002

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Approximately 1-3 Years Old Female Large (35 to 70 lbs.)
| Hello, I’m Bella! I am a gorgeous young pup with a lot of energy! I especially love hanging out with my friends, whether they are human or canine. The wonderful people here are helping me with learning how to work off some of this energy that I have, but for now, I am best suited for a family without small children. Hey, did I tell you that I’m just the right size? Not too big. Not too small. I hope that I’m JUST RIGHT for you!
Young Adult Male Large Dog
Bouncer here. Remember me? I had a really rough start in this world. But wonderful people saved my life and I’m SOOOO HAPPY now! I’m really working on my manners–heck, I didn’t even know what manners were until some nice people started teaching me. And guess what–I got to train with the Lee County Sherriff’s Department! How cool is that! I am really smart and learning quickly, and my Deputy friend has told everyone that I’m a really good boy. Bonus–if you adopt me, my trainer will show you everything I learned and you can continue to teach me! He’s my friend for life and he promised to help my future family find out just how wonderful I am. I absolutely LOVE other dogs and it would be great if you had a friend for me to hang out with to keep me occupied. PLEASE NOTE: I’m not hanging out at the shelter, so please call CCAS to schedule an appointment to meet me.
Approximately 3-5 Years Old Male Very Large (Over 70 lbs.)
| A day in the life of Sam, as a Lee County Cell Dog: I wake up at 5am, with Deputy Dunn turning on the lights. He is not my favorite human at five in the morning, but he becomes it shortly after! My trainers want me to go out and do my “business”. I’m not sure what my business is? All I know is it’s the time I potty. Then comes one of my favorite parts of the day, BREAKFAST!!! After breakfast I go back outside for more “business”. Man, I work hard! Then, after working so hard it’s time for a nap. Just as I start dreaming of a steak and a walk on the beach, I’m being woke up to train and play. I have learned so much: “sit”, “down”, “patience”, and how to be in my crate. After a morning of training, it’s back to steaks and the beach. Oh, I almost forgot, in the morning Deputy Dunn has a toy for me…man I love toys!! After dreaming of steaks and walks on the beach, it’s time to go out for more business. Once I come back in, its time to play with my new toy and with my handler. I love my handlers. They feed me, play with me, and train me some more. By now it’s dinner time, followed by my evening training. Socialization is part of my day, and I keep hearing my deputies and my handlers say how good I am with people and other dogs. After a great day of training, playing, and doing business, it’s off to bed for the night. I have to tell you this place is great. I’m always being loved, and learning new things. Everyone treats me with respect and makes me feel important. I hope one day my daily routine has you in it. So, if you’re looking for a dog that will love you forever and is good at business I’m your Pup!
Six months to 1 Year Old Female Medium (15 to 35 lbs.)
Hi, everyone! Look at me. I’m Ebony and I am just the sweetest little puppy you will ever meet. I love everyone and really love other dogs, and because I have an incredible amount of energy, a fur friend who could play as much as I do would be fantastic! A fenced yard with plenty of room would be a dream come true!
Approximately 1-3 Years Old Male Large (35 to 70 lbs.)
| My last owner thought that I had a lot of energy, especially when I was left alone in the house, but really I have just come to love being with people. In spite of my plea, my owner gave me up, and now I am adjusting to a new life as best as I can. While I get to go on nice walks with the people here (they are helping me with my leash manners) and I receive a lot of love and affection, I still dream of the family who can take me to the beach to work off some of my energy, perhaps a fenced yard so that I can have a lot of playtime… I would love a furry brother or sister to play with! I would even love curling up next to you on the couch and watching Wheel Of Fortune together. (Pat, I’d like to buy an “E”)! What do you think? Would you like to solve the puzzle with me? I think I could be a terrific wheel spinner!
Approximately 3-5 Years Old Female Large (35 to 70 lbs.)
| Hello there! My name is Maggie, and I am just about the sweetest girl you will ever meet. Check out my right front paw— I like to lift it up high to impress you! I’m very smart— I know that if I do, you will give me treats and love me forever. I just love every person I’ve met, and am happily active a lot of the time. I do seem to prefer a home without young children. I was hanging out in a home with other dogs, and I really didn’t mind them so much. Everyone here at CCAS tells me that I’m “well behaved and easy to walk!” Well of course I am! I’m a lady. I am hoping to find a home where I can be pampered like the princess that I am. Make a date with me, please?
Approximately 5-7 Years Old Female Large (35 to 70 lbs.)
| Hi Hoomans, my name is Sugar, and I just moved to Cape Coral to check out all of the sweet people here. If you’re looking for a girl with a BIG personality, I might just satisfy your craving! I am still making my mind up about what to think about the other dogs here. All of the people at CCAS have been treating me so kindly, but between you and me, I’ve been watching Oprah TV late at night after they go home. I learned how to create my own vision board, with you and me having a wonderful life together: autumn picnics in the fenced back yard… going to the beach and playing Frisbee… long car rides to see Grandma (so that I can be more spoiled!). Now that sounds like a sweet deal to me. Please help my dreams come true!