Dogs in custody Cape Coral Animal Shelter

All Cell dogs are second chance animals from Gulf Coast Humane Society and The Cape Coral Animal Shelter. Our dog’s go through a 10-week basic obedience course where they learn the following:

  • Crate trained
  • House trained
  • Loose leash walking
  • Sit
  • Lay down
  • Stay
  • Come when called
  • Heel
  • Leave it

Our dogs are all trained by Lee County inmates under close supervision of our two certified dog trainers.

Anyone interested in adopting or arranging a meet and greet for a Cell dog from Cape Coral Animal Shelter may call 239-573-2002

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Approximately 1-3 Years Old Female Large (35 to 70 lbs.)
| Hello, I’m Bella! I am a gorgeous young pup with a lot of energy! I especially love hanging out with my friends, whether they are human or canine. The wonderful people here are helping me with learning how to work off some of this energy that I have, but for now, I am best suited for a family without small children. Hey, did I tell you that I’m just the right size? Not too big. Not too small. I hope that I’m JUST RIGHT for you!
Approximately 1-3 Years Old Male Large (35 to 70 lbs.)
I suppose my name is a giveaway, but I kinda like it. I’m a friendly chap who will greet you at the door with a big hug, a kiss if you’re lucky, and a sweet smile on my face, which you can translate to “Take me for a walk, please” or “How about you give me a cookie?”. Either one works for me! I’m at CCAS, and you’re not, so what are you waiting for? Ask for Doby! Bring your lap!
Approximately 1-3 Years Old Male Large (35 to 70 lbs.)
I’m honored to meet you! I’m Rufio! In the time that I’ve been here, I have learned some things about myself. I absolutely love my people, and now I’m learning to get along with other dogs. I’ve also learned that I have a lot of energy, so lots of play time and long walks around your neighborhood are very important to me, and a big fenced yard would be amazing. Question is, do you have room in your heart and your home for me? Give CCAS a call!
Approximately 1-3 Years Old Male Large (35 to 70 lbs.)
| Check out my ears! It’s why they call me Radar. Would you believe someone left me all alone to fend for myself? Shocking. I had a hard time finding food all by myself so put on some weight–No problem! Although I’m just over a year old, I still think I’m a puppy… a puppy with a lot of energy, so an active family would be a great fit for me! Have you met these folks at CCAS? They have the BEST treats and I get yummy food everyday. And, ohhhhhh! My comfy bed! I just love it. Sure beats sleeping on the damp ground. You know what would be even better—a comfy bed in my new forever home where I will be loved and cherished forever. Tonight I’m going to lay on my bed and dream about that day!
Approximately 3-5 Years Old Male Large (35 to 70 lbs.)
| Unlike my name same from the Disney film, I am no Dalmatian, so thankfully I don’t need to cover up my spots! Whew! Actually, I have only a few prized spots, one really handsome one on my left eye, and you can’t miss my adorable spotted ears! Beyond my swarthy good looks, hehe, I am a gentle soul, a real treasure! It will probably take me just a few moments for me to warm up to you, but please bear with me, because once I do, I will be in love with you furever… and you will love me, too!
Approximately 1-3 Years Old Male Large (35 to 70 lbs.)
| I am a little shy at first and even a little protective of my sister/roommate, Salem, but if you can see past all that, you will get to know the real me… a dog who loves to be around other dogs as well as people! In fact, the people here say that I am a sweetheart of a dog. Make an appointment to meet me and judge for yourself! (I am!).
Approximately 5-7 Years Old Male Large (35 to 70 lbs.)
| My favorite thing in the whole world is to play fetch with my orange hex ball! I love it even more than I love treats! Beyond all of that, I am well-trained with my commands, and I am a champ at walking on a leash. I am an active dog who loves my hoomans. If you have a fenced yard where I could exercise, that would be a dream come true! And I am a dream of a dog! Make an appointment to meet me. Ask for Titan!