Cape Coral Animal Shelter

All Cell dogs are second chance animals from either Gulf Coast Humane Society, Lee County Domestic Animal services or The Cape Coral Animal Shelter. Our dog’s go through a 10-week basic obedience course where they learn the following:

  • Crate trained
  • House trained
  • Loose leash walking
  • Sit
  • Lay down
  • Stay
  • Come when called
  • Heel
  • Leave it

Our dogs are all trained by Lee County inmates under close supervision of our two certified dog trainers.

Anyone interested in adopting or arranging a meet and greet for a Cell dog from Cape Coral Animal Shelter may call 239-573-2002

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Approximately 5-7 Years Old Male Large (35 to 70 lbs.)
| My favorite thing in the whole world is to play fetch with my orange hex ball! I love it even more than I love treats! Beyond all of that, I am well-trained with my commands, and I am a champ at walking on a leash. I am an active dog who loves my hoomans. If you have a fenced yard where I could exercise, that would be a dream come true! And I am a dream of a dog! Make an appointment to meet me. Ask for Titan!
Approximately 1-3 Years Old Female Large (35 to 70 lbs.)
I am one of those stories that speaks to animal lovers. Recently, I was found in Eastern Florida by some amazing friends of CCAS, after someone had snatched up my newborn puppies and left me behind. Talk about a sword to the heart! I have slowly been healing from that emotional experience, and every day, I am learning that there really are kind, loving people in this world, especially all of the staff and volunteers at the animal shelter who are loving me back to life. I think that I am ready to see what is next for me. The people here are working with me to teach me leash manners and offering me lots of space to work off this energy that I have. Every day, I am getting a little better. Would you be willing to walk that journey with me? I think that we could heal one another.
Approximately 1-3 Years Old Female Large (35 to 70 lbs.)
Greta here, and I am a very special girl with a sensitive, old soul. I have a way of making everyone feel better just by putting my paw on them and giving them a big sloppy kiss. It’s kinda my thing! I am so well behaved, my foster folks take me everywhere with them. I’ve been all over the place, but what I’d really love is a home of my own with a family who appreciates how special I am. Are you my forever family? I hope so!
Approximately 1-3 Years Old Male Large (35 to 70 lbs.)
Tater? I suppose it’s better than naming me Hashed Browns, but maybe Cool Dude is a better name. I just LOVE people and like other dogs, too. I have a lot of energy, but not with those annoying puppy things. I would love an active lifestyle–lots of walks, a yard–hey, got a boat? I may really like that. I’ve never seen one but I’d give it a try! I’m just an all around fantastic dog who really deserves a loving family. Is that you?