The Benefits for the Inmates:

  • Participants learn to redirect their focus from themselves to care for another
  • They learn a valuable, marketable job skill
  • There is satisfaction as they volunteer their time to save an animal’s life
  • It allows the opportunity to return something positive to the community – a healthy, well socialized and well adjusted pet
  • There is a sense of accomplishment and pride when the dog successfully graduates

The Benefits to Correctional Staff:

  • Adds a successful and popular vocational program
  • Improves inmate cooperation
  • Inmates are more compliant with fewer violations
  • Promotes an institutional environment of less tension and violence while improving communication between staff and inmates

The Benefits for the Community:

  • Lowers rate of euthanasia in Lee County’s animal shelters
  • Lowers recidivism and cost to tax payer
  • Lowers cost for animal control
  • Provides well trained dogs for adoption
  • Provides more productive members of society.
  • To learn more about the adoption process, contact Gulf Coast Humane Society

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