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Let’s face it,  You probably love your pet’s way more than you like your job,…. right?
Everyone deserves a second chance, our program is to build a better bond between you and your precious furry new best friend!
Lee County Sheriff’s Office and Domestic Animal Services goal is to place companion animals with responsible owners, our first consideration must be for the welfare of the dog.
Therefore, anyone wishing to adopt a cell dog must submit an adoption application for approval prior to visiting the dog.

Lee County Domestic Animal Service approves all applications; we can assist you in visiting with a dog of your choice. Lee County Domestic Animal Service is located at, 5600 Banner Drive Fort Myers FL, 33912 -239-533-7387
Thanks to the Cell Dog, program lives are changed forever — for man / woman & child, for dog and for society!   WOO WHOO!

Your new best friend awaits!

1.   ID# A641219,

Bruno is a 2-year-old neutered male Florida cur mix, brown and white in color.

2.  ID# A696210,

Champ is a 3-year-old neutered male American staff mix, black & white in color.


3.  ID# A694779,

Georgia a 2-year-old spayed female Hound mix, Br brindle & white in color.


4.  ID# A699673,

Hoshi a 6 month-old neutered male Catahoula / Akita mix, Bl brind & brown in color.

5.  ID# A682297,

Cisco a 2 year-old neutered male Catahoula mix, blue merle & tricolor.


6.  ID# A699368,

Violet a 2-year-old spayed female Terrier mix, br brindle & white in color.



7.  ID# A693701,

Roger a 5 year-old neutered male Catahoula mix, black & white in color.

8.  ID# A697286,

Annie a 10-month old spayed female Florida cur mix, br brindle & white in color.


9.  ID# A696557,

Talent a 13 month -old neutered male hound mix, white in color.

10.  ID# A510434,

Akira an 8 year old spayed female Akita, sable & white in color.



11.  ID# A694250,

Diane and 3-year-old spayed female hound mix, black & white in color.


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  • Victoria Lafayette

    May 25, 2017 at 11:10 am

    Some dog breeds are cuter than others are, but when it comes to our Cell Dogs, we are the leader of the pack! “Woof” ” woof”

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