Lee County Sheriff’s Office Cell Dog Reading Program.

           Children reading to Dogs!

 OUR Dogs are not therapy dogs,
Children’s reading to dogs, help make our children betters readers! The main objective of this program is to provide a relaxed and “dog-friendly” atmosphere, which allows students to practice the skill of reading!
An opportunity to give back to our community, by helping children become better readers! The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is on board with this program, helping to make children better readers.
The very first time that the officers come to the class room they are talking about dog safety. The officers have a DVD that they will show the kids, they do question and answer. They also talk about being a responsible dog owner. also what you need to do for a dog when you have one,  this information we get from the American Kennel Club.  this is their guide lines.
 The below are some of the things that are address:
 a dog can be your best friend.
it’s fun and exciting to have a dog
  1. you will always have a friend to play with.
  2. you have to take care of your dog.( friend)
  3. What the dog needs are, fresh water, food, health care, proper identification, bathing and grooming, training, playtime / exercise and most of all LOVE.


Our officer’s will do a demonstration with one of the cell dogs Lulu, Darla and or Sam, the children can also pet and give them a command.



Reading to Dogs:   Did You Know?

Reading to dogs can boost reading skills in children as well as help with emotional and social skills. Programs in both school and public library settings are gaining in popularity because of the many benefits they offer.

Reading Benefits

  • Reading to dogs gives children essential extra practice with reading and oral skills.
  • Some children feel that reading becomes less difficult when reading to a dog and are more willing to read aloud at school.
  • Reading to dogs has motivated some children to start reading more at home, especially to their pets.
  • Children want to try reading more difficult books as they go through the reading to dog’s program.
  • Kids feel more confident when answering reading related questions.

Social Benefits

  • Children learn to take turns while waiting for their chance to read to the dog.
  • Children can learn kindness and empathy by petting the dogs, cuddling with them, and bringing them treats.
  • Communication skills can be improved by practicing reading aloud.
  • Participants enjoy talking with each other and sharing books they have read.